audio available 20 February 2024

How do I improve my credit score? — by bongiorno group

  There’s no way around it – your credit score is used by a lender to determine your ability to pay back a loan. How do you find your credit score, what does it mean – is it good or bad – and how do you improve it?   For answers, we hear from the […]

audio available 13 February 2024

Buying at auction? Make sure you’re prepared! — by bongiorno group

  With a prevalence of auctions in Melbourne, it’s highly likely that if you were to buy a house in Victoria’s capital, you’ll have to go through the process of bidding before you buy. And so, it’s critical you do your due-diligence before the hammer comes down.   The Bongiorno Group’s Senior Financial Consultant Mark […]

audio available 6 February 2024

Getting ready to buy a house — by bongiorno group

  Buying a property in Australia, particularly in Melbourne, is a significant and expensive purchase. The Bongiorno Group’s Associate Director Mitch McKeown and Senior Financial Consultant Mark Bremner explores the process of buying a property. They provide insights into assessing borrowing capacity, obtaining pre-approval, managing assets and liabilities, and maximizing borrowing capacity.   It’s important, […]

audio available 30 January 2024

Locum work – setting yourself up — by bongiorno group

  Many doctors at some stage in their career take up the opportunity to do locum work. It involves working at different hospitals for short periods of time, and can provide flexibility and higher hourly rates. There are different ways to get paid as a locum doctor, including working as a visiting medical officer or […]

audio available 23 January 2024

Payroll tax Pt 2: Flow of payments and business models — by bongiorno group

  A couple of court rulings in recent times has put the spotlight on whether health, dental and medical centres are subject to payroll tax. The rulings emphasise the importance of understanding your practice’s own flow of payments and written agreements. That’s the message from Alexandra Phillips, Senior Associate at law firm Fletcher Clarendon, who […]

audio available 16 January 2024

Payroll tax Pt1: An ever-changing landscape — by bongiorno group

  It’s been an interesting few months in the medical sector in both Victoria and federally regarding rulings to payroll tax. Interpretations between state and federal commissioners have everyone scratching their heads. What does it all mean for those in private practice? What do you need to know to ensure you don’t trip up on […]

audio available 19 December 2023

For peace of mind: the importance of having a will — by bongiorno group

  Do you have a will? If you do have one, is it up to date? Your circumstances may change and so it’s important to have a will to determine where you want your personal assets to be distributed. A formal will – as opposed to a templated one you might find online – will […]

audio available 12 December 2023

Have you updated your contracts and agreements? — by bongiorno group

  If you’re running a medical or dental practice, it’s important to have a range of contracts and agreements that are tailored to your circumstances. That’s according to Michael Levy, Principal at Tisher Liner FC Law. In this episode, he discusses with Nick Fennessy, Director at the Bongiorno Group, the common types of agreements you’re […]

audio available 5 December 2023

Temper your expectations — by bongiorno group

  It’s human nature to try to emulate what other people are doing and wonder how they have achieved certain things. When you see an older doctor with a new car and a house in a nice suburb, you might be thinking that could be you in a few years. But not everything is necessarily […]

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